Welcome To Lagos Dorm Girls

We pull back the hands of the clock to offer 8 ladies the chance to relive a life they probably once lived in their ‘girly’ days.

And with the advantage of age and the wisdom that comes with it, they now have a chance to correct possible mistakes of their past in the face of strict and regimental life of a school dormitory.

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Welcome To The Website For Lagos Dorm Girls

Objective: the most popular girl in the hostel goes home with 1,000,000 Naira. The girls are not evicted. They are going to live in the hostel together for the whole 2 weeks.

Activities they participate in and win will earn them popularity thumbs up. Audience can also give the girls thumbs up through a FB like on the Program’s page.

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Lagos Dorm Girl Mechanics

We will have 8 girls in a hostel-like room, rows of beds, some tidy and others rough.  It’s like a mini girls room. A Hostel Master or Mistress will host the girls. He will bring the timetable every morning. A timetable of activities the girls can participate in to win ‘popularity thumb’s up’. The girls will be given a box of provisions. As part of their luggage The girls are not mandatory to do the activities. So that it won’t look like a forced task. But rather, they will be eager to participate because that’s what guarantees them 1 – 3 popularity thumb ups everyday.

The more a girl win the better, cause that means she is getting more popular and ultimately be our winner.Food will be served just like in the hostels. A general pot and a girl dish it out. The girls will be entitled to two social nights per week. (Wednesdays and Fridays)