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About Dorm Girls



  • L-shaped kitchenette
  • Fridge
  • Plates and Cutleries
  • Microwave


  • Toilet seat
  • Shower Cubicle
  • 1 big Mirror
  • 2 Wash Hand Basins
  • Med Cabinet

Bed Space

  • 4 Double Bunks
  • 8 Mattresses
  • 8 Pillows
  • Bed Sheets

Dinning/Work Area

  • A dinning/work table
  • 8 stools
  • A black board

Lounge Area

  • L-shaped couch
  • A coffee table
  • Home theatre set
  • Accessories (flower vase, throw pillows etc)


  • Flooring (Carpets and Persians Rugs)
  • House Fitting Lights
  • Box-like wardrobes

Objective: the most popular girl in the hostel goes home with 1,000,000 Naira.

The girls are not evicted. They are going to live in the hostel together for the whole 2 weeks.

Activities they participate in and win will earn them popularity thumbs up.

Audience can also give the girls thumbs up through a FB like on the Program’s page.



We will have 8 girls in a hostel-like room, rows of beds, some tidy and others rough.  It’s like a mini girls room.

A Hostel Master or Mistress will host the girls. He will bring the timetable every morning. A timetable of activities the girls can participate in to win ‘popularity thumb’s up’

The girls will be given a box of provisions. As part of their luggage

The girls are not mandatory to do the activities. So that it won’t look like a forced task. But rather, they will be eager to participate because that’s what guarantees them 1 – 3 popularity thumb ups everyday.

The more a girl win the better, cause that means she is getting more popular and ultimately be our winner.

Food will be served just like in the hostels. A general pot and a girl dish it out.

The girls will be entitled to two social nights per week. (Wednesdays and Fridays)


Activities to engage the girl’s daily

Make and Impression: Daily

The climax of each day is the diary session called the ‘make an impression’ segment. Where the girls tell us who they will want to be with the next day. The girl with the highest like will get an absolute 1 popularity thumb’s up

TASK: Try to be friendly all day.


Social Night: Two Times Weekly

This will occur two times weekly.  There will be dance competitions, jokes and music from celebrity guests.

The girls are to mingle with the guest. They are all entitled to 3 minutes with each guest. Get them to give you a thumb up after the party. The girl with the highest likes gets 3 popularity thumb ups

TASK: Impress the guest.


Fashion Show: Once on the show

The girls will creatively work with tailors to come up with

A swimsuit

An evening gown

Casual wear

They will parade with it. The most creatively piece will get 3 popularity thumb ups

TASK: let your creativity comes to life


Talent Show: Once on the show

The girls will display their special skills. This we would have gotten during our first interview with them.

Q1:  Would you say you have any special skills, or something you like doing that comes naturally to you?

Q2:  If yes, what is it?

The winner of the best-displayed talent will get 3 popularity thumb ups

TASK: Show us your special skills


TV Games: Three times a week

In the common room session of the hostel will be a TV.  And during the girls stay in the house, they would have to compete in

Dance Karaoke

Music Karaoke




The best in each gets 2 Popularity thumbs ups


The Fan Visitor: 5 Times

During the course the show, the audience gets an opportunity to send a request to visit the hostel. The girl with the highest visit request gets 2 Popularity Thumb ups


Miss Photogenic

The girls will be asked to make themselves up and pose for an head shot. The girl with the most camera friendly face gets 3 popularity thumb ups


The Truth or Dare Game

This is a cheap score.  The girls ask each other truth or dare questions. The winner gets 1 popularity thumb up