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No Mentor, No Role Model, No Inspiration- Vivian

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No Mentor, No Role Model, No Inspiration- Vivian

You think you need to have a role model or mentor or an inspiration? Vivian does not really seem to think so.. The beautiful Vivian has shared that she only looks up to herself and is not in the school of thought that anyone needs a mentor to forge ahead in life

Of course, a mentor or a role model is someone who you want to be like or even more than but in some way, I kind of agree with her but really everyone needs these kinds of people as an inspiration or somewhat

Well she says so, so shall it be…Lol

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  • Freeman

    wow wow wow, that’s a nice one dearie… true talk.

  • Very inspiring, I do agree with her in life you are in competition with yourself and nobody else. When you think like that it does not matter how many times you fall,but how many times you get back on your feet again. So do all you could to stand out. Be determined.

  • Lizzie

    that is true, we don’t real need to look up to any body. I like this

  • Tony

    You are the best of all. You shall make it to the top

  • Femi

    Vivi keep it up, make God ur role model, all u need is to lOok up to God not man,ur posture tell abut ur confident,

  • Hakeem Okorejior

    I think she’s right,
    all she needs is to believe in herself and be courageous in all her endeavors.

  • Well it depends on you look at it. There’s always someone to look up to even it is yourself. Am proud of how you take ur gridding to the next level. You are a warrior.

  • Ekenobaye

    You are what you claim to be at any given time. Born Guilty.

  • Josh bender

    Wow.. Yo are so so cute… I think you are the babe of the moment…

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